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Hydroabrasive cutting

The Idroline 2040 waterjet cutting system is an elite design that provides excellent technological and performance characteristics.

This system is capable of cutting various materials using a very high pressure water jet or a mixture of water and abrasive. Hydroabrasive cutting is often used in the manufacture of machine parts. This is the best method when the cutting materials are sensitive to the high temperatures created by other methods.

Waterjet cutting is used in a variety of industries, including mining and aerospace, for cutting, shaping and turning.

гидроабразивная резка

Characteristics of hydroabrasive cutting

Ellipse 46.png

Working field of the machine: 2000×4000 mm

Ellipse 46.png

Computer control of the perpendicularity of the cut edge

Ellipse 46.png

Possibility of dynamic control of A, C and Z axes

Ellipse 46.png

The maximum thickness of the workpiece: 145 mm.

Ellipse 46.png

Laser surface scanner

Ellipse 46.png

The possibility of cutting at a sliding angle, up to 45 °.

Our company offers hydroabrasive cutting of various materials

up to 145 mm


Metal and steel cutting

natural stone

ПленкаU50-черный мрамор.jpg

Cutting ceramics

Titanium cutting


Glass cutting

The price of hydrojet cutting services 

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The remaining questions
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Examples of water-abrasive cutting works

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