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Marble tiles

Marble tiles are one of the most luxurious and elegant materials for covering floors, walls and other surfaces. It is known for its natural beauty, unique marble patterns and high quality. Let's look at some of the features of marble tiles and where they can be used.

Types of marble tiles:

White Marble: This is the most common type of marble for tiles. It has a light color and high purity, which makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and other spaces where cleanliness and brightness are important.

Black Marble: Black marble has a luxurious look and can add elegance to any interior. It is used to create beautiful contrasts on the floor or walls.

Colored Marble: There are many types of marble with different colors and shades like pink, green, brown etc. These color variations are used to create unique design solutions.

Where marble tiles are used:

Flooring: Marble is very popular for flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, halls and other spaces. It adds luxury and elegance to the room.

Walls: Marble is also often used for wall cladding, especially in showers, swimming pools and other wet areas. It is resistant to moisture and easy to clean.

Decorative elements: Marble is used to make decorative elements such as window sills, countertops, handrails, sculptures, etc. It adds sophistication and style to any interior or exterior.

Marble tiles are not only a facing material, but also an art of nature that can turn any room into a space of elegance and luxury.



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