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Onyx parquet

Decorative onyx parquet is an elegant and luxurious material that can be used to cover walls, floors, and other surfaces to create a unique and stylish room design. Onyx is known for its transparency, color shades and excellent ability to conduct light, which makes it ideal for decorative purposes.

Features of decorative onyx parquet:

Transparency: Onyx has the unique ability to transmit light, creating spectacular engravings and plays of light indoors.

Color shades: Onyx can have different color shades, from white and cream to pink, brown and black, which allows you to create a variety of design solutions.

Excellent decorativeness: Decorative onyx parquet adds elegance, luxury and unique character to the room.

Use of decorative onyx parquet:

Flooring: Decorative onyx parquet can be used to create impressive floor coverings that create the effect of transparency and depth.

Walls: Covering the walls with decorative onyx parquet will add luxury and sophistication to the room. Such material can be used to create artistic patterns or mosaics.

Furniture and other decorative elements: Onyx can be used to make furniture, window sills, table tops and other decorative elements to give them a unique look and style.

Decorative onyx parquet is not only a practical material for cladding, but also an elegant masterpiece that can turn any room into a luxurious and stylish place.



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