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Illuminated panel made of onyx: sophistication and beauty in your interior

An onyx backlit panel is a striking addition to any interior that will add elegance and luxury to it. Onyx is a natural stone with a unique structure and color that creates a unique lighting effect.

Aesthetics and design:

Illuminated onyx panels can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the option that is perfect for your space. Large onyx panels can serve as a central accent in large rooms, while small panels can complement the interior of smaller rooms or create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury.


One of the features of onyx backlit panels is their ability to create a unique backlit effect. Onyx has the ability to transmit light through itself, creating the effect of opacity and soft light. This makes the onyx backlit panel an ideal choice for creating an atmosphere of luxury and friendliness in your space.


Illuminated onyx panels can be used in various places, such as hotels, restaurants, offices or private homes. They can serve as a decorative element, and can also be used to separate rooms or create private areas.


Illuminated panel made of onyx is not only a decorative element, but also an impressive masterpiece that will add elegance and luxury to your interior. By choosing a panel with onyx lighting, you are choosing quality, elegance and unparalleled beauty that will decorate any room.



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